Refugee Sponsorship Information System


Managing Refugee Sponsorships

The Refugee Sponsorship Information System (RefSIS) is a website that can be used by Sponsorship Agreement Holders (SAHs) across Canada to record and retrieve important client information while generating detailed reports on sponsorship activities.

The RefSIS provides SAHs with a reliable and secure system to centralize, track and access the data input into the system. This will allow SAHs to manage their sponsorship cases by:

  • Tracking all sponsorship undertakings;
  • Tracking changes and updates to active sponsorship cases;
  • Identifying cases that require follow up;
  • Accessing detailed information about refugee applicants;
  • Keeping a record of constituent groups and co-sponsors;
  • Tracking implementation of settlement plans;
  • Assisting with monitoring of CGs and co-sponsors;
  • Setting up automated email follow-up notifications; and  
  • Generating different types of reports with advanced options based on refugee sponsorship parameters (country, age, gender, location, etc.).

Please note: This service is currently funded by the federal government and SAHs will not be charged to use the system. Funders do not have access to any sponsorship data input by the SAHs. Only members with access to the correct username and password can see a SAH's data.